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In the years since our inception, medications have become more effective and those living with HIV are able to live longer, healthier lives. For individuals living with the disease, the goal is viral suppression: using medication to suppress the virus to the point it is undetectable in the bloodstream. Positively Living launched our Choice Health Network in 2018, implementing a new targeted effort to increase viral suppression by utilizing a “treatment team” approach. Now more clients than ever before are receiving HIV medications within 48 hours of their initial diagnosis while our team works diligently to identify and eliminate barriers that keep patients from staying compliant with their medical regimen. Within 4-6 weeks the vast majority of those newly diagnosed are undetectable, meaning the patient experiences better health and the virus can no longer be transmitted to others. We are pleased to report that 94% of our HIV-positive clients have reached viral suppression through this approach.

As demand for our services continues to increase, our company has grown exponentially. In 2020 we launched a Capital Campaign: A New Home for Health, Equity, and Hope, to fund our expansion and renovations of our new headquarters at 1925 Ailor Avenue in Knoxville. This initiative will enable thousands of individuals to access the care they need, when they need it, all in a single location. And, it is taking a long-ago abandoned and blighted building and transforming it into an active center of care, improving the neighborhood as a whole. Achieving this campaign is absolutely critical in ensuring our agency has the space, capacity, and tools necessary to continue providing life-saving services to East Tennessee’s most vulnerable citizens.

We could not do this work without support from the community and people like you.  If you would like to become a donor or volunteer your time, please reach out to Jessica Langer, Director of Development, at

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