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Positively Living & Choice Health Network New Building Announcement

Positively Living & Choice Health Network (PL&CHN) is thrilled to announce that in 2021 our new headquarters – including our medical clinic, offices, and programs – will be located at 1925 Ailor Avenue in Knoxville. Our primary phone number of (865) 525-1540 will remain the same. Client and visitor entrance and parking will be on the lower level, behind the building, and this location is also on the bus line.

Following our expansion of services in 2018, our client base has multiplied and we recognized the need for additional space in order to continue providing critical services and meeting the needs of our clients. In 2019, PL&CHN purchased the former Lisa Ross Birthing Center to serve as our new headquarters. We are nearing the end of the demolition and reconstruction phase and look forward to increasing our capacity to serve new and existing clients in a consolidated space as a “one stop shop” for care. The services we provide have an individual impact – the quality of life for our clients is vastly improved – but they also have a strong community impact. The purchase and renovation of our new facilities at 1925 Ailor Avenue is taking a long-ago abandoned and blighted building and transforming it into an active center of care, improving our city as a whole.

To fund the successful completion of this essential project, this year PL&CHN launched a two-year, $2 million Capital Campaign, A New Home for Health, Equity, and Hope. Achieving our Campaign:

  • Is integral to our organization’s financial health and security.
  • Helps us avoid diverting funding from client/patient care programs.
  • Improves the health of East Tennessee as a whole by helping to stop the spread of HIV and other infections; decrease drug overdose deaths; increase access to treatment for mental illness; provide housing and other basic essentials to individuals and families that need them; and much more.

For more information or to support A New Home for Health, Equity, and Hope campaign, please contact Jessica Langer, Senior Director of Development & Marketing, at

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