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The federal 340B Drug Discount Program is a lifeline that allows safety net providers, including HIV/AIDS clinics receiving funding through the Ryan White program, to obtain prescription drugs at below-retail prices. The program was established with bipartisan support as part of the Veterans Health Care Act of 1992. With 340B savings, Ryan White clinics are able to stretch their grant funds, offer a wider range of services, and improve the quality of care persons living with HIV/AIDS receive.

With 340B savings, Ryan White clinics are able to:

  • Provide prescription drugs to needy patients at no or reduced cost
  • Assist patients with their insurance premiums, thus promoting medication adherence and continuous treatment
  • Provide medical services at little or no cost to needy patients

The 340B program is not funded by taxpayers, but rather is a discount that drug manufacturers must provide through an agreement with the government as a condition of Medicaid and Medicare covering their drugs.

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