Meet our therapist, Amilia!

Sep 9, 2021

Positively Living & Choice Health Network is proud to offer mental health care and counseling, and is excited to introduce you to Amilia James, LCSW! Amilia earned her BA in Psychology from Boston College and Master’s in Social Work from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. She moved to Knoxville to work at Choice Health Network as a therapist three years ago. According to Amilia: “Therapy is a collaborative process [that helps us to] make changes in our lives and find healing in the context of a safe, affirming relationship.


Amilia also helps create program policies, facilitates our interdisciplinary treatment team meetings, and provides trainings for staff so that behavioral health can be integrated in all we do.

dog _sitting_on_chair

She says she “loves” her job and that, “this work is meaningful to me because I believe that every human being has inherent worth, dignity, and deserves to live a life worth living where they can heal and thrive.

This summer, Amilia is working on growing a flower garden with the help of her dog, Charlie, a cavalier king charles spaniel. She says, “I like to grow flowers and he likes to dig in dirt, so we’re a great team!”

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